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10 May 2022

Bursaries keep girls in school

DEDZA, Malawi - For the past three years, Lusita Maikolo has been in and out of school. Her parents could not manage to pay her school fees regularly, and this led to her being excluded and missing... Read more

30 March 2022

7 myths about unintended pregnancy debunked

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Half. That is the alarmingly high proportion of pregnancies that girls and women do not deliberately choose. The neglected crisis of unintended pregnancy is the subject of... Read more

29 March 2022

Making shelters safer for women and girls through ‘safe spaces’

NSANJE, Malawi - For the residents of Tengani Evacuation Camp for displaced persons in Nsanje, the year 2022 will forever be etched in their memories. In January, more than a thousand families had... Read more

21 March 2022

Family planning empowering families

KARONGA, Malawi - Before she started practicing family planning, Rosaline Kiyombo from Fundi village in Karonga would give birth after every two years. In her village, this was normal. However, her... Read more

16 March 2022

Men and boys take lead in GBV fight

On this Friday evening, Osman Leonard had retired to bed early. The 23-year-old had just returned from hospital with her mother, who recently suffered a stroke. Due to the stroke, her left side is... Read more

7 March 2022

Women and girls pay a heavy price during conflicts and emergencies

Statement by Dr. Natalia Kanem on International Women’s Day   More than 1.7 million people, mostly women and children, have now fled from their homes in Ukraine to neighbouring countries. For them,... Read more

4 March 2022

Women and youth take climate action in Malawi

NKHATA BAY, Malawi – Had village elders not intervened in stopping her parents from marrying her off at 13, Catherine Mkandawire would have become another statistic. Malawi has one of the highest... Read more

21 February 2022

Helping fistula survivors to become self-reliant

Ntchisi, Malawi-Although Marita Vula was in pain, she tried as much as possible to ignore it. The 28-year-old was experiencing her first labour pains. Marita had waited for this moment and couldn’t... Read more

16 February 2022

UNFPA offers hope to Tropical Storm Ana survivors

When Tropical storm Ana hit Nsanje district on the night of 24 January, Marita Wyson was about to serve her family the evening meal. The heavy downpours and violent winds brought fear to the family.... Read more

10 February 2022

Displaced people lauds UNFPA response in disaster hit district

Displaced women and girls at Sekeni Primary School Camp in Chikwawa have expressed gratitude to UNFPA - the United Nations agency dedicated to preventing maternal deaths, advancing family planning... Read more