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7 February 2022

Cyclone Ana: Young people face grim future in camps

On this Monday morning, Jakina* (not real name) grabbed her notebooks and set for the one-hour long journey to school. As she left the house, dark grey clouds rolled over the sky signaling a... Read more

2 February 2022

Cyclone Ana pose threats to maternal health in Malawi

On this Sunday evening, Monica Dimiwe (36) and her family gathered around a small battery-powered radio to listen to the evening news. During the day, word had spread in the village that a powerful... Read more

2 December 2021

Men have a crucial role to play in ending gender-based violence, and we must act now

Despite concerted efforts to put a stop to sexual and gender-based violence, the threat continues to haunt women and girls in Malawi.   An unacceptably high number of women in Malawi experience... Read more

6 October 2021

Saved from child marriage: hope for a new beginning

On her 16th birthday, Yensen Nyirenda was getting ready to be married.  Yensen’s marriage was hastily arranged after her family discovered that she was pregnant. As per local customs, she had to go... Read more

14 September 2021

Saving girls from early marriages

Saving girls from early marriages On this Friday afternoon, the safe space in Kalonjere village in Machinga, is bristling with activity as a group of girls’ chat animatedly discussing various topics... Read more

7 September 2021

Advocating for better services for persons with disabilities

Despite having born with physical disabilities, which makes it difficult for him to walk, Stephano Mkeka is regarded as a role model in his community. Stephano, who is currently studying for a... Read more

31 August 2021

Putting smiles back with fistula repairs

Early December last year, Sichile Saidi woke up feeling ill. All her body was in pain. At first, Sichile thought the pain was because of the heavy work in the garden she had done the previous day.... Read more

26 July 2021

Delivering family planning services to the last mile

When Khadija Yassin (24) got the news that she has been selected to go for a training as a community based distribution agent (CBDA), she didn’t have an idea of what constituted the said role. “Word... Read more

14 July 2021

Liberating women and girls from fistula

Isabella Yatima, a patient at Mangochi District Hospital waited with bated breath for the results of a medical operation performed on her, and hoped for the best results from the procedure.  The... Read more

8 June 2021
FAO, UNFPA roll out SHRH module in farmer field school

Healthy farmers, healthy harvest

Agnes Mwale* (45) has never had formal employment. To survive, she farms a small piece of land a stone throw away from her village. For years, Agnes has been able to feed her five children, but in... Read more