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In 2012, Malawi adopted the National Population Policy (NPP), the second such strategy in the nation’s history. The 2012 National Population Policy is a revision of the first National Population Policy which was approved in 1994. The policy aims to improve standard of living and quality of life of the people of Malawi by supporting the achievement of the complex interrelationships between population and development. The policy is supposed to be reviewed every five years, which have almost elapsed in 2017, to take into account emerging issues in population and development.Application Procedure

You may download the Full ToRs and the Concept Note to guide the proposal development

Written applications by eligible consultants with (a) Cover Letter; (b) Curriculum Vitae; and (c) Financial Proposal should be hand delivered no later than 29th April 2017 to:

Resident Representative
United Nations Population Fund
P. O. Box 30135