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The past year was one of the most challenging we have witnessed as a global community in our lifetime. Covid-19 has attacked the very heart of our societies threatening our families, communities and way of life. One after another, countries were forced to lock down their economies, societies and limit public life in an effort to protect lives and ensure health sectors were not overwhelmed. Our partnership with the Government of Malawi, Implementing Partners and UN agencies ensured pregnant women continued to have safe access to basic maternal and newborn health services during Covid-19. Key protocols for pregnant women were implemented and equipment and safe delivery spaces created that are instrumental in our efforts. We also Covid-19-proofed our programming to ensure activities were safe both for partners and beneficiaries. This meant a quick learning curve for UNFPA staff and all of our partners. Not only did we supply personal protective equipment and plan our activities with social distancing, we also ensured safe, secure and appropriate safeguards were in place at all times.